The kindness of strangers

Below is a picture of Murat outside the bus station in Diyarbakir. Murat is a friend of a friend and before last night we had never met. He teaches physics at a high school in Diyarbakir and before work this morning he drove me and my bike to a bus station to ensure I bought the right ticket at the right price. He says I must call him if I have any problems.

Then this afternoon I met Tunc in the bike shop who gave me his phone number and told me to call him if I have any translation issues during my ride. He also said his parents would take me for dinner when I get to Alanya. They won’t know what’s hit them.

And finally today I met the wonderful Taban who works at the Iraqi consulate in Gazientep. She took me for dinner with her daughter, to the best restaurant in town, Givre. But more than that she has friends all over Turkey and has promised to help me find places to stay. She is a beautiful lady.

All this and I haven’t even started the ride yet. I suspect the kindness of strangers will feature heavily over the coming weeks.



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