I don’t like hills but I love hill singing

I’ve never liked cycling up hills. I’m just not very good at it I guess. I remember when I completed Lands End to John O Groats my brother in law, Jonathan, and Oz were forever waiting for me at the top of various peaks – it was very humiliating so at least now that I’m cycling alone I’m not holding anybody up.

I mention this because today inbetween Nurdagi and Bahce was a poorly placed hill ( 8km at 5 percent). I cycled up the first 2km then walked the rest. Of course whenever a lorry drove by I pretended I was just getting off my bike. I’ll add a video to facebook you may find amusing, I took it walking up said hill (you’ll also see I’m new to the iPhone).

One other thing, and Jonathan will vouch for this, I certainly can’t cycle up a hill and talk at the same time. So if anybody wants to sponsor this dancing bear to sing while cycling up a hill you may find it quite comical. I take requests and hopefully I’ll show you what it looks like tomorrow.



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