The D400

The D400 is the road that should take me all the way to Bodrum. A little busier than is ideal but not so busy to justify replanning the route (after all it took me 5 minutes on googlemaps).

I’ve been told, by Tunc again, to be careful on the D400 until Alanya after which the motorists should be more familiar with cyclists using this road. Truth be told they’ve been very considerate today. Granted it only takes one error but so far all vehicles have given me a wide berth and around half of them honk their horn and wave probably wondering where that dancing bear learned to cycle.

I did however have my first encounter with 2 wild dogs. I’ve no idea what breed they were, although I suspect a few generations back there was a Labrador involved whose offspring subsequently contracted rabies or was bitten by a vampire. Either way they came at me with some purpose at which point I had a choice, be calm stay on course pedal hard and risk a snap at the heels, or yelp and veer into the centre of the road risking being hit by a passing truck. Fortunately there was no truck around.

Anyway I’m 67 km down and there’s a big hill in front of me (see photo below). Because I haven’t trained and don’t want to push too hard for the first few days my dilemma is to stay here in Nurdagi or gamble another 20km for Bahce. I guess I’ll just figure it out over my chicken shwarma lunch.



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