The first day of cycling actually went ok

All in all not a bad day. 87 km from Gaziantep through Nurdagi to Bahce, 20km more than expected for the first day. For the first few days the plan is not to do too much as my body might react adversely (in other words fall apart).

The weather is horrible and will remain so for a couple of days. Hopefully by the time I hit the coast the sun will be shining though.

The area I drove through today was pretty wild. It also felt like there were goat herders at every turn standing ready with a smile and wave. At times I imagined somebody had instructed them to do so in order that I keep pedalling. Probably not though, they’re just very friendly and it’s not everyday you see a bear on a bike. In fact other than a group of four men sitting near me at lunch everybody in Turkey has been incredibly welcoming.

As for my place of rest I didn’t make the mosque but I will before I leave Turkey. I’m in a very cheap hotel and can hear the call to prayer outside my window. At least I know where the mosque is now.

Oh and regarding my kit there is only one thing I didn’t have today that would have been useful. Toilet roll. Sorry about that.

Here is a picture of my dinner tonight. You may recognise it? Can somebody please tell me the Turkish phrase for ‘anything but kebab’?



One thought on “The first day of cycling actually went ok

  1. Stu, I’m loving the blog and totally in awe of what you are undertaking. 87k on day one sounds like a brilliant start! Keep pedalling!

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