One day at a time

Driving into Adana today I had to fuel up and frankly couldn’t believe the price of petrol………..hee hee just messing.

Well firstly I can’t believe I’m in Adana. 208 km in total so far. Now this probably doesn’t sound much to those more familiar with cycling but to me, well it sounds just swell. Having said that I’m acutely aware that I am only on day 2 and must take things one day at a time.

This morning was relatively uneventful although for the two hours before lunch my pace slowed as the wind turned on me and the road rose steadily. My body felt pretty weary, and my hamstrings and groins just felt too tight. I suspect it’s nothing a couple of hours in a Turkish hamam won’t loosen up.

The afternoon however was a different story altogether. Not long after lunch I’m cycling along minding my own business when up ahead I spied four young goat herders sprinting to greet me along the roadside. I was thinking to myself how wonderful the world can be when the largest in the group (4 ft 7) threw a rock bigger than a fist toward my head. He missed and rather than risk getting turned over by 4 eleven year olds I sped away, temporarily reviewing my thoughts on this wonderful world we live in.

Pleasingly my faith in humanity was soon to be restored. 10 minutes Iater I stopped to rest and fuel up with nuts, lucozade gel and a banana. Those who know me won’t be surprised to hear that after refuelling I left my fluorescent goretex jacket insecure on the pannier. Obviously it fell off and I would have been none the wiser were it not for a family of 8 stopping me 5 km down the road and returning it. What a gesture!

But my faith Was to be tested for a second time. Immediately after my jacket was returned a young man called Nuri pulled up alongside me and seemed to claim he in fact had found and returned the jacket. And furthermore he believed it would be fair and appropriate if I were to offer him a financial reward. Recognising he might just be telling the truth I calmly explained in fluent Turkish that no exchange of funds were required and that at some point in the future Nuri would find reward aplenty in his actions themselves.

Dinner tonight was a trip highlight. PIZZA.



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