We all play our part don’t we?

Day 2 and its lunchtime just on the edge of Ceyhan with 164km of the whole ride completed. Not surprisingly my body is starting to express its displeasure at my recent decision to be less sedentary or static. I’m hoping I can talk it round but currently it’s main complaints lie firmly in the butt and groin area. I really need to stretch more (Toby if you are reading this I’d be grateful for any advice).

The morning started off great with a couple of hills followed by a 10 km descent. It was heavenly. I actually videoed myself singing a song up the hill but the sound was erratic so I haven’t posted it. Maybe I’ll try again tomorrow.

My desire to get some miles in the legs is currently outweighing my desire to look around. I’ve passed through two major cities, Osmaniye and Ceyhan, neither of which I saw much of. If I get to Adana by about 6pm though I will definitely walk around before getting my head down.

After I filmed the Macarena for my brother a bemused goat herder came up to me and probably asked what I was up to. I wasn’t really able to convey my exact purpose but did try to explain that while he is out everyday herding goats, working hard and making enough money to feed his family, educate his children, and love his wife, I was dancing on a field making silly videos for my friends on the Internet. We all have our part to play don’t we?



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