Fish lunch by the Med anyone?

74 km so far this morning and it was relatively pain free. The road was flat and the light breeze cool. Cycling from Adana to Mersin along the D400 felt like you were witnessing firsthand the reason Turkey’s economy has been so strong for some time. Everybody looks like they are working and want to work more. This area has to be the, or one of the industrial heartlands of Turkey (I’ve no idea if that’s true so feel free to Wikipedia it).

Everywhere you look factories line the street, and cars come in and out filled with men wearing overalls and faces that say ‘I work for a living what do you do? ‘. I wonder what my face says to them, actually I’d rather not know.

Arriving at the Mediterranean for lunch made me very happy for a few reasons 1) I’m having fish for lunch 2) Mersin reminds me of Southend on Sea with its promenade and Peter Pan’s playground (its called Deniz Park) and 3) I’m having fish for lunch.

I suspect to the west of Mersin the industrial sector will disappear and the tourism sector will take over. I’m looking forward to that.



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