Where am I actually going?

That’s a very good question, I was hoping you would tell me. I mean I know I’m heading to Tower Bridge (London) or possibly Canvey Island, and I know I have to be at work on the 10th June but beyond this the plan lacks, what’s the word, detail.

I think of it in three stages though, and I think this will impress those of you with a military bearing;

Stage 1

Lets just get to South West Turkey on the D400. From there I can get a ferry from Marmaris or Bodrum to Athens. I think I have another 1000 km to go to get to SW Turkey and no I don’t know the duration of the ferry journey to Athens. Nevertheless, all going well, lets assume I’ll be in Athens on 30th April.

Stage 2

Let’s cycle from Athens, Greece, to Split, Croatia. To do this I need to get through Greece, Macedonia, Montenegro, Albania and Croatia. If you thought my preparation for the Turkey leg was woeful then you might want to stop reading. I’m not worried though as when I get to Athens I’ll regroup find out what I need to know and crack on. I can’t remember how long this leg is, I just remember on googlemaps it looks really hilly. From Split I’ll get the ferry to Ancona in Italy. Oh and I’ve no idea when I’ll get to Split.

Stage 3

Let’s go get that cup of tea in London. This is the easy leg. Again I can’t remember how long it is but it’s basically a case of up through Bologna and Milan, over the Alps via Geneva then through Paris to Calais. At this point I’ll swim the channel without training while carrying my bike. Then if nobody’s watching I’ll get a train to London First Class……or cycle if you’re watching.

In total the cycle will be somewhere between 4000 and 5000 km. Joking aside I’m just taking it one day at a time and rest assured each day I wake up I know what I need to know to get to my destination for the day.

So day 3 is over and 304 km completed. It’s all coastal rd from here to SW Turkey and looking at the map I think there will be plenty of hill singing. I’m hoping to average around 100km a day in Turkey.

As for now I’m in a spit and sawdust bar in Erdemli, watching Real Madrid play and listening to some Turkish classics.

Any questions?



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