Every day’s a school day (and today I cheated at school)

Well the whole ‘strawberry man happiness effect’ lasted less than an hour as today my afternoon got progressively worse.

The good news is I completed 115 km cycling today. The bad news is it hurt, took much longer than expected (two back spokes broke), which left me 10km short of anywhere to stay for the night and it was dark. So I must confess, and I really don’t feel good about it, that I hitched a ride at a garage for the last 10km as I didn’t feel comfortable cycling the D400 at night. It was definitely the right decision given the circumstances but that doesn’t make it feel any better.

I’m now crashing in a motel in Aydincik, which incidently could be of use if ever Turkey wish to remake the movie Psycho. I can’t wait to sleep but before I do let me share a few lessons I learned today:

– Try to start earlier. The earlier you start the less traffic there is, the cooler it is, and the more daylight hours you have to get where you need to go.

– Use more Sunblock. Use more on your face and head and also cover your exposed arms. If you don’t it will hurt and you risk sunstroke. Not rocket science is it?

– Be patient the miles will come. Given hills just knock the stuffing out of me I need to adjust my expectations on days when the route is hillier and harder than anticipated. Otherwise I’ll find myself on a busy road in the dark, tired, with no where to stay. There’s no rush.

– Pack less. 2 broken back spokes isn’t good and the nearest bike shop is probably 320km away. Before anyone says anything I only went on the intermediate course. Fixing spokes is on the advanced course.

Anyway in the interest of transparency here is a picture of me about to cheat. Everybody was so keen to help load the car I’m a bit worried there may be something else wrong with the bike now. Never mind I’m too tired to worry about that and what’s more it’s my brother in law’s bike anyway.

Ps Note the lovely young man making gun signs at me before I get in the vehicle with him. Very comforting.



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