And on the Fifth day

On the fifth day I consolidated. Those more familiar with my behaviour may be thinking, oh here we go, lazy bones is kicking in. Well you’re wrong, I consolidated and cycled 60km from Aydincik to Anamur scaling Tolkien like peaks along the way. The fact that I’ve been hanging out at a beach cafe for the last few hours is an irrelevance. Now can we just leave it at that.

Moving swiftly on the back wheel seems fine, so I might take a few more spokes off as it obviously doesn’t need them all and I could do with saving the weight. In fact it made me think that if my well being was judged by its number of broken spokes I’d certainly be more than two down by now.

Tomorrow my aim is to travel 89 km to Gazipasa but I’m a little fearful it’s going to be hard work – thats why it’s important I start at 7am (which wont happen). Actually I keep thinking of little cycling catchphrases while pedalling such as ‘you can only ride the road you’re given’ or ‘don’t fear the road, let the road fear you’ or ‘don’t cycle long distances, it’s shit’. I’ve no idea what time I’ll get up tomorrow but I do need to get to Gazipasa.

Finally one thing we haven’t discussed is my butt. It’s fine thanks to the preemptive use of a Vaseline type equivalent (can’t remember name so just ask in replies if interested).

5 days down, 485km completed. Thanks for all your support. It really does provide me with a significant boost.



5 thoughts on “And on the Fifth day

  1. You can always tag onto the back of the cycle race that is going on in Turkey and get a tow by them or ponce a spoke or two at least. Keep grinding, singing, dancing and of course writing.

  2. Stu, you are awesome.
    Fact of the day: Did you know that Turkey provides 70% of the world’s hazelnuts; the nut in your chocolate bar was most probably grown in Turkey?

  3. WTF Stu – just found this. Love it! Amazing endeavour. Will be with you in spirit all the way (from the comfort of my city bike) from now on. Keep going sweetie. Malita x

  4. Stu,

    Globo sent me the link – awesome trip. What’s wrong with Bulgaria, though? Bit hilly for ya?

    Possibly apocryphal (but worryingly pertinent) story from pre-89 Sofia… Locals were concerned they couldn’t find a wild bear for a visiting foreign dignitary to hunt so went down the circus and commissioned one of the dancing bears. They stuck it in a park up the mountain and got some park rangers on bikes to drive it toward the waiting dignitary taking careful aim at a prearranged spot. As the hunting party waits, down the hill comes the bear, you guessed it…

    …peddling furiously on one of the park rangers’ bikes.

    The Truth. Honest.

    Keep peddling, dude, you’ll miss the ferry!

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