Don’t let the intern do anything important

The D400 is a road designed by professional engineers, men and women of the finest educational establishments in Turkey. They design roads gracefully, adhering to contours, minimising incline, aware of methods like traversing.

But these engineers are not superhuman, they are men and women like you and I. They have families, work hard and every now and then, probably once a year, like to go on holiday.

I can see it now as they get up from their desks and call over to the intern, ‘You’ve been here two weeks. While I’m on holiday why don’t you crack on and design the next 20km of the D400 between Anamur and Gazipasa?’

That’s the bit I just rode. So please please please, don’t let the intern do anything important.

Ps While I’ve been typing this Murad has been asking lots of questions about the iPhone. He keeps laughing and joking to his friends that he will swap my iPhone for his Nokia.



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