Turkish and Proud

Today was easily the most beautiful day of the trip so far but as my mood is inversely correlated to the gradient (the higher the gradient the worse my mood), it would be fair to say I didn’t quite manage to appreciate every waking moment.

But I got there, and 85km were completed on day 6 making the total distance cycled to date 571km. I’m now in Gazipasa, on schedule to be in Antalya this Thursday where my brother has arranged for me to stay at a wonderful hotel. I’m getting there slowly but surely.

You may be aware that I’ve been cycling in Turkey for six days now and have already seen much. However we will all recall our parents telling us that to truly know any country better you have to learn a little of the language. Not my strong point so for that reason I’ve worked extra hard to learn the following essential Turkish phrases:

Yes Evet
No Hayer
Hello Merhaba
Good Morning Gunaydin
Please D lutfen
Thank you Tessekuur ederim

No I don’t want another kebab
Ben istymiyar kebab

How much is a taxi to Bodrum?
Necador bir taxi Bodrum da?

Do you want to buy my bike?
Siz istyorum almak benim bicylet?

On a more serious note a little human contact goes a long way with me on this trip. So I’d like to thank Murad, Salih and friends for entertaining me on my break in Yasicik. Following our fun taking photos of each other I flew up the last big hill of the day, and for that I can’t thank them enough. This is my favourite photo from our little shoot. Turkish and Proud.



2 thoughts on “Turkish and Proud

  1. brilliant picture, I can feel a photo book coming on after this epic adventure. You have eaten the miles – it may not feel that way for you but we are all so impressed with how far you have got on what is considered to be tough, tough terrain. Woo Hoo! Pretty please can we have a sneak preview of MJ? Enjoy the hotel!

  2. Mate don’t want to be pedantic but gunaydin means good morning, not goodbye. Dancing bear is Dansci Ayi. That should be enough.

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