Trust people

110 km cycled today, day 7, from Gazipasa to Side. I loved every minute but tonight was the highlight.

While looking to buy some top up credit for my local turkcell sim I met Fatih. Despite my initial reticence (note to self, trust people), Fatih’s exuberance, welcoming smile and charm encouraged me to join him and his friend Martin (from Birmingham) in his new travel agency for a drink and some chat. I’m so glad I did.

There are not many circumstances where I can imagine the three of us meeting but for over an hour we discussed the importance of family, relationships, movies of course, and the ability of tv and film to predict the future. Demolition Man was of course mentioned. The conversation was candid, honest and fun.

I found it very embarrassing showing them one of my dancing bear videos but I think they found it funny and were very supportive and generous in their comments. Maybe you’ll see them again who knows but for now I’ll leave you with something Martin said ‘in every aspect of life let’s all just try and do the best we can’.



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