Today I found out that our family lost Elsie, my cousin’s Nan. She was 92 years old and the type of old person we all want to be, incredibly sharp incredibly active and much loved. One thing Elsie loved to do was dance so tomorrow Elsie we’re dancing, hold on to your skirt because we’re going for a waltz. Thinking of Uncle Geoff and everybody back home and sending my love.


4 thoughts on “Elsie

  1. Do Elsie proud Stuart. She was pure class and an excellent dancer so make sure your moves are sharp !!!! We are all enjoying your exploits and willing you on. Keep cycling and dancing and making us smile. Lots Of love Ann xxxxxx

  2. Stu, your blog is making my day. I’m laughing hysterically in the office and getting several strange looks. Keep it up mate, really inspiring!

    PS – Nan will love the waltz x

  3. Thanks Stu, Nan will love that 100%, can’t wait to see the waltz. As always keep up the good work, truly inspirational you are xxxxxxxx

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