Half day today?

You’re 5 minutes late for work and as you walk into the office some jerk says ‘Half day?’ I’ve never found that joke funny whether aimed at me or elsewhere. If aimed at me today though I would probably have to reply yes as I’m only cycling 75km and it’s all flat.

I should be in Antalya by 1pm, where I will immediately check into the hotel. Then I will head to the bike shop for two back spokes and some general maintenance. By 3pm I should be finished and swimming in the hotel pool (thanks Iain).

In the meantime I have to suffer views like this.



One thought on “Half day today?

  1. Found out about your journey from Craig Hudson. Bringing back memories from when I cycled from Leigh to Santiago, Spain. On my second day I found myself on a 5* campsite lounging by the pool… Nothing wrong in having a half day!
    Enjoy the trip

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