Steal me awhile from mine own company

For 15 Turkish lira I went to see Bir Yaz Gecesi Ruyasi, a midsummers night dream to those who don’t speak Turkish as well as I do. It was a real treat. I was in the fourth row which was useful because it meant I was looking up at the stage rather than down at my wheel….I think my neck appreciated that.

I’m due to collect my bike at 10pm tonight so the spokes should be back on and general maintenance applied. Hopefully I’ll be ready to do around 105km tomorrow around the coast to Finike. As ever I’m unclear as to the terrain, I feel like it will be relatively flat in the morning and a bit hillier in the afternoon. What it will certainly be is hot so sunblock and water are tomorrow’s essentials.

I’d love to finish this piece with a quote from the great bard but the whole thing was in Turkish and I didn’t understand a word. Nice costumes though.



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