A Waltz for Elsie

Elsie, you’ll already know there are about 6 outtakes on my phone. I’ll keep the one where I pirouette into the wall locked away for a while. Anyway I especially enjoyed this dance at the top of the mountains today overlooking the Med. Oh and if there’s one thing I learned today it’s that I can’t waltz. Love to all.

near Kumluca, Antalya


5 thoughts on “A Waltz for Elsie

  1. Fan-bloody-tastic! Len, Darcy, Bruno, Craig and most importantly Elsie all gave you 10/10!
    thanks mate, Neil
    PS – look forward to seeing the outtakes once you are back!

  2. Caroline I have been thinking that all through Stu’s adventure. He is having a ball watching over him and is sooo proud if him. Bro, totally agree with your scores A-M-A-Z-IN-G xxxxx

  3. Highly entertaining, love it. Neil you were right he will end up on TV some day, so like Brendan it’s uncanny. It’s funny even this early in the morning…

  4. Stuart you are amazing. A marvellous tribute to our Mum. Keep up the good work, love and kisses and look forward to seeing you in the UK very soon xxxx

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