A day off methinks

During my 74 km today I was chased by another dog (that was about the only time I did actually pedal uphill), on two occasions my right ear caught a fly, I swallowed one fly, and as ever all goat herders waved at me. Goat herders have to be the friendliest people ever.

The heat really knocked it out of me today though. Admittedly there wasn’t much there in the first place but whatever I did have, has gone. For that reason and the fact that Kas is beautiful I’m not cycling tomorrow. Tomorrow I’m a tourist, a tourist that gets up late.

Speaking honestly my motivation was tested a little today (and found wanting). On a couple of occasions I walked when it probably wasn’t needed. I must get my head around the hill sections and be more positive. That’s also why it’s best to have a day off I think.

Mind you imagine my delight when I unpacked my panniers in Kas to find that full 1.5Litre bottle of water that went missing this morning. Really glad I carried that for no reason, I thought the bike felt heavier than usual.

On the plus side I spent the first 30km today cycling metres from the velvet moon blue Med.



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