Expensive lobster Sir?

Lovely day spent on a boat around and about a sunken Lycean island town called Kekova. Some of you may know it? The funny thing is I couldn’t help but feel a little guilty for not doing any cycling, especially as people continued to be so generous in their donations.

On the boat trip whenever we arrived at a new island the tour operator suggested we spend an hour walking the Lycean way to the summit. ‘No thanks kind sir, I’ll be just fine chilling on the boat, treading water in the sea, or drinking in this sea level cafe, maybe next time’.

So around 105 km cycling tomorrow to Fethiye. Depending on ferry schedules this may be my last day cycling in Turkey, we’ll see. I still keep worrying about hills though, they slow me down so much. In fact I downloaded google earth on my iPhone today to try and get a sense of the relief of tomorrow’s route. I think it looked ok but I don’t really trust my eyes, I can feel them flattening everything.

Oh and these dance videos! How did it start again? Am I really going to have to do about 50 more? I’m already struggling for ideas. Good fun though.

And finally please remind me to ask the price of a lobster dish before ordering and eating next time? Any cost savings I made in SE Turkey disappeared this morning as ‘lobsters are so rare at the moment’ the evil restaurant owner claimed.



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