Ferry across the Aegean Sea

I don’t recall having been on an overnight ferry trip before. 97 euros however have bought me my own cabin which, fingers crossed, will afford me enough sleep to make the most of Athens tomorrow. It was my first time in Turkey and it will be my first time in Athens and mainland Greece too. Previous trips to the Greek islands involved the Pink Palace in Corfu and other such delights.

I’m quietly happy to have made it through the first stage but have a feeling it is the next stage from Athens to Split that will greater expose my physical and mental weakness (for those who haven’t already noticed). 1340km to go (still haven’t worked out the exact route but ‘eurovelo 8’ feels about right) and every book I read describes Greece as a hilly country. Where’s Holland when you need it?

Anyway, one day at a time and tomorrow I will see my old friend Annie, take in as much of Athens as possible, wash my clothes (properly this time), go to a bike shop, and possibly have dinner overlooking the Acropolis. Life is good.

If the hospitality and friendly nature of the Greeks is anything like what I experienced in Turkey then it will be impossible not to have a wonderful time.

Bye bye Turkey. Hello Greece.



One thought on “Ferry across the Aegean Sea

  1. 1992 Brindisi to Corfu, that was an overnight ferry which we had to jump off whilst it was pulling away because we overslept.

    We also ended up on Sicily in 1992 but are still not sure how because we fell asleep, that could have been an overnight ferry too.

    1986 Harwich to the Hook of Holland, that was overnight too and you were jealous because the girls though I could air guitar better than you.

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