I forgot to mention

Here are a list of things that happened in Turkey that to date I failed to mention:

– There were a curious number of dead butterflies along the road from Antalya to Finike.
– In Alanya I met a lady walking a pet lamb that was so white Persil automatic would have been proud.
– I watched a tortoise crossing a dual carriageway twice pausing in the centre of the lane as lorries hurtled pass. I don’t know if it made it the whole way.
– I expressed my frustration at a taxi driver for changing his price after our initial verbal agreement. We soon made up and I gave him what he asked for. Sucker.
– I went for a Turkish hamam in Alanya. Not bad but their jacuzzi wasn’t working so I made my own.
– My handlebar tape comes off every other day. I’m experimenting with different tapes to remedy the problem.
– I missed out on what would have been photo of the year. Twelve Turkish women picking fruit in a field all with their behinds pointing in my direction. Backdrop was mountainous, I just couldn’t take the shot as I felt it inappropriate at the time.
– Everybody plays backgammon everywhere.
– The best baklava by far were in Gaziantep in my opinion.
– As ever the more touristy the area the less friendly and the less real your relationship with the locals.
– My turkcell sim was blocked after one week and the bureaucracy behind getting it unblocked ultimately deterred me from doing so.

There, now you know.


3 thoughts on “I forgot to mention

  1. I love the insightful observations, in future leave the jacuzzi touch to yourself. Question: how long did you stare at the ladies bottoms before you decided it was inappropriate to take a photo?

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