Birthplace of Democracy

This morning I followed in the footsteps of two great philosophers, Socrates and Plato, as I wandered the streets of Plaka and the Agora in Athens. Whereas the questions they pondered were deeply philosophical such as what is virtue, what is justice, and what does it all mean, my thoughts today centred on the more practical such as can I have another moussaka or should I mix it up, should I wear socks with my sandals to prevent blisters, do Big Macs in Athens taste the same as Big Macs in London?

The Acropolis and surrounding buildings were built 2500 years ago at the height of Greek civilisation. They are incredibly impressive and I’m delighted to have seen them firsthand. However I can’t help but think that given Greece is experiencing so many difficulties these buildings, standing so tall above Athens, must also serve as a painful reminder as to how far things have changed.



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