The German cyclist I won’t mention

Aside from issues with the bike the old National rd from Athens to Korinthos was a really enjoyable ride this morning, and I’m not the only one to think so. I saw more cyclists on this road than any previous.

What I won’t do is tell you about all of them though. I mean I would be a fool to tell you about the 65yr old German from Berlin who had already cycled from Istanbul and was on his way to Trieste. I certainly won’t mention that he had twice as much weight on his bike than I am carrying. And of course not for a minute did I think I would happily trade bodies with him (for 22 yrs he has been doing triathlons). I’ve a feeling we will see each other again over the coming weeks as we will likely be covering much of the same route.

Just before entering Korinthos I crossed the impressive Corinth Canal.



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