No food at the inn

1259km completed in 13 days of cycling. Tonight I’m staying in Antirrio having left the Peloponnese peninsula for the Greek mainland. Today was a beautiful ride, sea on my right, mountains on my left and everywhere you looked orange and lemon trees stood neatly displaying their wares. Today was also a relatively straightforward cycle which I think might be the last time I say that for the remainder of stage 2 to Split. Hills and heat will be the topic of discussion for the foreseeable future.

At this point, perhaps surprisingly, the hardest part of this whole endeavour is choosing what to do for these ridiculous dancing bear videos. No longer am I concerned about mileage or gradient, it’s song choice. What if nobody likes it? What if they think I’m just completely mad? What if I start to think I really am a dancing bear?

Lovely hotel tonight but because it is Easter Saturday none of the restaurants are serving food. Ouch. So a little disappointedly I’ve been to a supermarket and have managed to put together the most miserable looking sandwich you have ever seen. The hotel owner keeps looking over at me with this look that says ’40 yrs old and can’t even make a cheese sandwich……and they say my country’s ruined’.

Finally a thought regarding raising money. I would like to ask everyone reading the blog to try and encourage somebody I don’t know to make a donation to either Blue Engine or Kids Company at some point over the remaining 12 days of stage 2. If we can do this that would be awesome.

Ps I think I’ve lost weight but the belly just won’t budge. Dietary change required I am informed (thanks Merlin) which is a bummer.



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