How to encourage friends to donate…..

In a blatant attempt to try and raise more money during stage 2 can I ask everybody to try and encourage one other person to make a donation to the two charities Blue Engine or Kids Company?


Perhaps the easiest way to go about doing this is to share the blog or recommend that people add me as a friend on Facebook and hopefully they will decide for themselves to donate.

Unfortunately life is not always so simple so here are a few more proactive or let’s say innovative ways of encouraging others to donate:

– Tell your true friends you are not going to talk to them again until they donate. Then don’t talk to them until they donate. Seek verification of payment before starting a conversation as some friends are known to lie occasionally.

– keep calling your friends on their mobile until they donate. After a while they will stop answering your calls, at this point start using public pay phones.

– in the presence of your real friend talk really positively about an imaginary friend that has already donated and make the point that you love them more now, because they donated.

– pay your friends to donate. If you pay them more than they intend to donate they are almost guaranteed to donate.

– have a dinner party for friends but don’t serve dinner until everybody has donated. Even those who have donated should not be served until all present have paid up. Collective punishment isn’t always wrong, sometimes it’s the only way – ask any teacher.

– use your credit card to donate for your friend then ask them to reimburse you.

Let’s all try these techniques and see how far it gets us. As ever thanks for your generosity.

PS here’s a picture of a lamp post that went all the way to heaven but I’m not going to tell you where it is unless you donate, so there.



One thought on “How to encourage friends to donate…..

  1. Hahahahaaaa!!! I can sooo give you away! But won’t. This is not a lamp post, it’s a pole for the raising of the flag (have no idea if that makes sense the way I phrased it)…. And it is the least of the problems of that particular place. Look around, it is close to impossible to figure out which way to go. I have found myself circling the little roundabout for ever, trying to decide what the hell is going on and which exit to take! Although I bet this was very simple for the dancing bear!

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