Road kill, confused pigs, and snakes

On a slightly different note I would like to discuss animals today. I thought I’d start with dead ones aka in the cycling business, roadkill. Only because while cycling inland I cycled past and over an impressive variety of dead creatures today. No lie I saw dead dogs, cats, snakes, tortoises, butterflies of course, a weasel looking thing, goats and lambs. I don’t think I’m traumatised but I’ll keep an eye on things and would appreciate your help monitoring my sanity too.

On a lighter note there was a rather charming and comical incident involving three little piglets stuck between my bike and an oncoming car. Everybody slowed down but the piglets were in complete disarray and at one point even tried to run up a near vertical cliff face. Of course once they calmed down, like all good kids, they joined their mother.

I was also reminded what a complete woosy I am. Cycling the edge of the road there is often a lot of debris to avoid. The debris usually stays where it is unless its a snake evading you at the last minute. As it moved next to me I received a lovely shot of adrenalin that increased my heart rate, breathing rate and pedal rate. In short I shit it.

All in all though a great day for cycling today. As it was Easter Sunday everybody was very happy and there was hardly any traffic which makes the roads a little safer. Heading for Levkas tomorrow where I’m delighted to be joined for a week by my brother in law who can’t wait to get involved in some fun dance videos with dancing bear. Isn’t that right Jonathan?

Easter Sunday is a good day for pigs in Greece, not so much lambs.



One thought on “Road kill, confused pigs, and snakes

  1. Oh wait, so u r going to Lefkada after all? Good choice, the only island accessible by land, a beautiful island which I hate. I have gone there many times and think it is one of the rare places in Greece where people are actually rude, unprofessional and do not want tourists. You will tell me your opinion. On the upside, the island has 2 of the mostbeautiful beaches in Greece, Porto Katsiki and Kathisma. Go and have a swim, to porto katsiski at least, dont miss it. Also, the port town of Nydri is I think the prettiest part of the island and i would take a half day tour to the nearby islands of the Ionian Sea, including the Onassis island, Skorpios. Finally, one if my best friends is there, will text you her number!

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