New York Rugby Club

So after 15 days cycling I’ve hit 1420km on my odometer but, and I know you won’t believe me, I’ve cycled about 15km more than that. That doesn’t sound like much to you but trust me it matters. Honestly over the last couple of days the odometer has failed on a few occasions losing me valuable evidence as to how far I’ve cycled. You would find it quite amusing how upset I get every time it fails and I keep pedalling, knowing the distance covered isn’t being recorded. Quite pathetic really.

Anyway all I really want to write tonight is how enjoyable it has been reading everybody’s and i mean everybody’s comments and support. Over the last few days a number of old friends from New York Rugby Club have been chipping in with, as ever, some funny yet supportive commentary. These messages specifically have caused me to reminisce while cycling along. You see I had a wonderful time at that club, met some great people, made some great friends but as ever (many will recognise what I’m about to say) since leaving New York have not been good at staying in touch. For this reason their reaching out has really resonated with me so cheers guys. Hope to see you all again sometime (preferably not on a rugby pitch though), and wishing you nothing but love. New York New York.


2 thoughts on “New York Rugby Club

  1. Stu
    Well done. I understand there have been sightings of a dancing bear on various trains on the Mediterranean rim. For some reason, at rural stations he gets off, records a dance in front of his mobile phone, and then holes up in a luxury beach resort. I of course have attempted to reassure your public…

  2. Stu and Jon,
    Lovely to see you on yet another epic cycling trip! As last time, Susannah has requested a nice rendition of and dancing to “Who let the Dogs Out?” (last seen in the Scottish Highlands). We promise to donate lots of our pocket money….

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