Pompous Knob is already in charge

For the last three weeks I have received many compliments for my effort to date on this cycle ride. I am embarrassingly aware these compliments have been over generous in their nature but have loved receiving them nonetheless. In fact I don’t mind admitting that they have also had quite an effect on my ego. At times I genuinely believe myself to be a rugged adventurer, a pioneer of cycling adventure, a navigator extraordinaire, and a great lover.

Regrettably these dreams have been shattered today with the arrival of Pompous Knob ( I can’t call him that enough you know). He’s been here one day and already he has beat me up every hill, navigated more effectively, been clearer with the locals, and basically taken charge. Embarrassing really (psss don’t tell him but it’s great that he is here).

Regarding tomorrow if all goes to plan we should be leaving Greece and entering Albania. Pretty much everybody we have told in Greece, and elsewhere, have told us to be careful in Albania. We really don’t know what to expect, thieves, wolves, wild dogs. I guess we’ll let you know tomorrow.

In the meantime our thanks to Stavros and his family for looking after us in Ammoudia. Here’s a picture of us all in his family taverna just after Pompous Knob had explained to Stavros the unsatisfactory nature of a paper tablecloth.



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