Farewell Greece, hello Albania

Farewell Greece and thank you so much Annie for looking after me from the minute I arrived in Athens to the moment we crossed the border into Albania. I had a wonderful time travelling through Greece, finding it very difficult to keep moving because I constantly wanted to stop and explore all it had to offer. Next time no doubt. Highlights for me remain dinner with Annie overlooking the Acropolis and the night I spent with her family in Kamari. Oh and Pompous Knob (not PK, spell it out) arriving was pretty cool too. Awesome stuff.

As for Albania, Pompous Knob and I are very excited to be here and are keen to see and learn more about this country (we currently know next to nothing about it). But coming over the border crossing from Greece it really could have tried harder to make a better first impression. For me the worst thing was that for the first 30km no farmer waved back or smiled at me – not obligatory I know but its uplifting when they do. Pleasingly things started to improve as we got closer to Sarande and everybody started to behave in a friendlier manner – hopefully things are looking up. Tomorrow we are riding the SH8 and may climb the Llogara pass (i will do everything in my power to avoid doing so). If we do climb it expect an early night from me tomorrow.

Today’s cycling was a lot of fun. Over 118 km from Greece to Albania (Sardande), we cycled through many terrain types, orange/lemon tree orchards, bleak mountain passes, a misty morning delta and the coastal roads I have become very familiar with of late.

We were like excited children entering Albania today. Our first drink was 50m into the country.



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