Bikes can love too

DBs bike: How did you find it today?
PKs bike: The usual really. I mean I like my rider but he is packing a few extra pounds. That Llogara pass was hard work.
DBs bike: Huh. You can talk. Have you seen the gorilla riding me? And he moans when the spokes break, he’s lucky my frame hasn’t snapped.
PKs bike: Don’t. And what’s with these dances? Julie Andrews? Please! Have some pride.
DBs bike: It’s embarrassing, and they do it by the road in front of everybody. At least you finish in 2 days. I’ve another month or so.
PKs bike: I’ll be sad to leave to tell you the truth. I’ve really enjoyed getting to know you.
DBs bike: (Blushing) Yeah, me too.
PKs bike: It’s just that…
DBs bike: Go on, what?
PKs bike: It’s just that….
DBs bike: Yes…?
PKs bike: I’ve never really met anyone like you before. And I want to know more. In fact I want to know everything.
DBs bike: Stop it….
PKs bike: I mean it….
DBs bike: (in Essex styleee) Shut uupppp
PKs bike: Can I take you for dinner tonight and maybe afterwards we can go for a ride?
DBs bike: I’d love to.
PKs bike: I’ll pick you up at 8.
DBs bike: Can’t wait.



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