That’s Vlore!

Only 70km today but there was a fair amount of up and down so we are both feeling happy tonight as we are on track for Pompous Knob to catch his flight home from Tirana this Sunday.

Today started off badly for me as pretty much the minute we left Himare we had a lovely 1km ascent at over 10%. First thing this knocked the stuffing out of me, forced me to walk, and put me in a terrible mood. Pompous Knob was very patient indeed. A quick cafe stop and two omelettes later though and we were back on track. Pompous Knob lead the way and by 130pm we were very happy to be at the top of Llogora where we had lunch at a lovely restaurant overlooking the Ionian Sea.

The afternoon was a doddle and we rode about 35km either down or on the flat. We stopped off in Orikum to get ripped off before finally heading to Vlore. Both exhausted now so a very early night. Tomorrow is hopefully flat therefore 120km should be doable.

Tonight we saw this man in his speedos only and was going to make a joke about Pompous Knob taking a late night cycle along the promenade to warm down. Unfortunately the man is silhouetted so it’s difficult to see he only has his speedos on. Nevertheless I love the photo.



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