Pompous Knob departs and part of my heart breaks

Just under 500km later, over many hills, over even more pot holed roads, after much Feta cheese, through both Greece and Albania, the man who when he says he will do something does it, Dr Jonathan Horn aka Pompous Knob has left Tirana.

Despite the fact I already had 1400km in my legs he rode stronger and faster than I did making it look easy along the way (thanks for that). I guess cycling to and from work everyday is worth it after all.

Having said that we both viewed today’s dance video with tremendous disappointment as the minute you sit on the floor (especially for Oops upside your head) it exposes the true magnitude of weight loss one is trying to confront.

Seriously though Pompous Knob thanks a million for joining me. I needed you in Albania especially for those hills. You leave me with a fresh lease of life that will take me to Split and beyond. And finally thanks for putting up with my poorly state yesterday and my tantrums on the morning of the Llogora pass.

You’re my favourite Pompous Knob ever. In fact everybody should have one.



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