Tirana baby

I’ve no idea how far I have cycled now because my odometer just isn’t working. I think it’s just under 1900km (Toby any thoughts?) so still plenty left to do. Thinking about it I shouldn’t be surprised there is plenty left to do given we only cycled 40km today and tomorrow is a day off. I probably need to work a bit harder.

Didn’t see much of Tirana this afternoon, so will reserve my judgement until tomorrow night after I’ve had the day to look around. I kinda made a start tonight by visiting the Millenium Cinema and watching a new Albanian movie called ‘Pain and Gain’ starring two Albanian actors Mark Wahlberg and Dwayne ‘the Rock’ Johnson. Unfortunately I experienced a lot of pain and no gain whatsoever making me wish I had found something more productive to do with my time like help the hotel staff clean other people’s rooms or wash up after their meals.

Rich got me blogged on the Guardian website for the Giro D’Italia and a kind lady donated off the back of it which was cool. Check it out here if you didn’t see it… (1.17pm)


Finally Pompous Knob couldn’t leave Tirana without taking time out to carefully select a present for his mother in law.



2 thoughts on “Tirana baby

  1. Good to see Jonathan’s taste in the cheap and tawdry gift department has had a renaissance in Albania…

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