Fake Lakes and Politics

Tomorrow I’m off again. Rain is forecast and the road looks like it will be quite a busy one. I guess we’ll figure it out when we see it. As ever if its too busy we’ll plan a different route. I’m heading to Skhodra for my last night in Albania. After that I’ll have a couple of nights in Montenegro (disappointingly I’ve been told its hilly) before heading to Split (500km away).

My day has been very chilled. Just wandered the city getting a feel for the place. No tour buses here to make life easy for you so I asked the concierge what I should do for the day in Tirana. ‘Theres not really a lot to do today because the weather is rubbish, oh there’s a fake lake but even that’s not very good’. Thanks mate, I’ll figure it out myself.

Tirana has been packed tonight around the city centre. I believe there was some sort of political rally in the city ahead of the parliamentary elections in June. I thought their flags were nice so they have my vote.

Below is one of the many Shimano accredited bike shops to be found on Rruga Qemal Staffa.



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