Video: New owner found

Tirana is a not a city with a particularly impressive biking culture but neither should it be said it is devoid of cyclists. In fact Rruga Qemal Staffa is a street full of small bicycle repair shops. Unfortunately none of them look particularly professional in appearance so admittedly I was rather wary of putting my bike in for some general maintenance when truthfully it was already running pretty well. Trust people I reminded myself, trust people.

Then I met Hari, an English speaking gentleman who used to live in Finsbury Park, London. Hari had lived and worked in London for three years with his friend Michael in construction. He clearly missed London and admitted to returning to Tirana due to family pressures. His parents were getting older and his father needs help running the family bike business. He was a good man.

And so I gave Hari my bike to look over and within a couple of hours he had done an excellent job tuning the gears etc. He was a good man and good with bikes so for this reason I felt I had found the new owner of Pompous Knob’s bike.

The video doesn’t quite capture how happy Hari was with his gift, his friend Michael kept saying ‘this is too much, this is too much’. So here’s a brief but heartfelt thank you to Pompous Knob from Hari, a very happy man in Tirana.

near Tirana, Tirane


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