Nicole Kidman, my biking inspiration

With time on my hands this afternoon I found myself reflecting on one of my earlier biking memories.

No doubt about it Nicole Kidman kicked off my biking career with her Oscar worthy performance in the Australian action drama come psychological thriller ‘Bmx Bandits’. That 80’s Christmas myself and Jamie Hockley (lifelong friend) both asked Santa Claus for Bmx’s and because he’s a top man and we were both good boys we got them.

Jamie received the Super Mongoose retailing at £225 while I received the top of the range Raleigh Pro Burner retailing for £200, however somehow Santa Claus managed to do a cash deal with Les’s cycles in Canvey and got it for £190. Obviously I told everybody it was £200 and still to this day I am ungratefully envious of the fact Jamie’s cost more.

From that moment on we cycled every street on Canvey Island side by side for every day possible. He was Nicole Kidman (we didn’t confirm this at the time) and I was the hero of the movie. We learned how to do jumps, wheelies, donkey kicks, bunny hops and….actually that was it.

Unfortunately 2 weeks later the fun was over when my bike was stolen from outside Canvey Island public library while I returned the book on dinosaurs I was studying at the time. This is why I’ve always been very adamant 1) don’t return library books or 2) just don’t read books in the first place.

I still love Nicole Kidman you know and somedays I imagine she is (not Jamie) cycling with me on her Bmx. The only problem is that even she beats me up the hills.

Found this bike shop ‘biciklist’ in Shkoder today. I really like what he’s done with the shop front.



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