Montenegro, blessed with beauty

With just over 600000 people Montenegro is a relatively small country but boy is it blessed with beauty. Today I cycled around the Kotor Risan fjord and it is stunning. Those that have already been here will agree and those that haven’t are missing out. Admittedly the weather was a little miserable (and I fear tomorrow will be worse) but the ride was still very pleasant.

After some faffing around tonight I found a family house that offered me a basic room for 10 euros. No food on offer so a trip to the Supermarket for one of my impressive sandwiches was in order.

Unfortunately when I arrived at this house tonight I discovered that a screw had fallen out of my pannier rack, allowing it to move more freely than is desirable. Very kindly a young boy called Peter came over to me, as it was clear I had a problem with the bike. He seemed keen to help. I showed him the screw and within 5 minutes he was back with his dad’s toolbox looking for a same size equivalent, which he subsequently found.

So the bike is in good order, somehow I’m in pretty good order and tomorrow we head to Croatia and probably Bosnia too. My only concern is the weather, rain, rain, rain is forecast.

Ps didn’t get a t shirt this time. Instead I purchased a very sophisticated scarf.



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