Croatian supermodel hits on Dancing Bear

The following post is sponsored by Mills and Boon.

Sitting in a shabby roadside cafe outside Dubrovnik the last thing I expected was to be approached by a Croatian supermodel.

But there I was about to order my first kebab for a week when out of nowhere she approached me ‘I like your cycling helmet’ she said in perfect English. ‘Thank you’ I responded in English also ‘You can never be too careful when cycling on foreign roads. Freedom is great I agree but so is an unfractured cranium’. She nodded sincerely then added without hesitation, ‘Come with me on my boat and let’s spend the rest of our lives together’. ‘Woah there hot stuff’ I quickly retorted ‘I don’t even know your name and what’s more I’ve got a charity cycle ride to complete. Tell you what I’ll give you a backy to your boat and then we can say our bye byes, how about that?’

So I gave her a backy to her boat as I promised I would (even though it was 1.5km out of my way) and then rode on to Dubrovnik hoping to find another roadside cafe that sold kebabs as I never managed to get my order in at the last place.

As I cycled the cliff top lane I looked back and saw her boat in the middle of the bay. I knew she was still there, pressed against the window watching me, thinking about what could have been, and how wicked cool my cycling helmet is.



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