Praying v the Highway Code

Last night I lay awake listening to the rain pound the roof all night. All I kept thinking was there is no way I’m cycling in that tomorrow.

This morning I would never have got out of bed were it not for my sister messaging me and incredibly generously booking me into a beautiful hotel 47 km down the road in Dubrovnik. I’ve never cycled so quickly. Thanks a million Caroline.

Now for the last month cycling there have been a couple of close calls on the road but so far, amazingly, no accidents (I’m touching wood as I write). Today however as I carefully descended a hill, a car just pulled straight out in front of me. Fortunately I was so close I could see the driver was paying no attention so had already slowed down. Nevertheless it was close.

What I saw next made me laugh somewhat. As the car straightened up the driver reached over to their crucifix hanging from the rear view mirror, kissed it, then made the sign of the cross. That’s wonderful I thought. I admire your faith, I really do, but please next time could you 1) pray before you start moving not when you’re already in the road and 2) also obey the Highway Code and look both ways before pulling out.

So tomorrow I’ve around a 100km to do and they should take me through to Bosnia and back into Croatia again.

Dubrovnik is another quite magical place I don’t believe I would have visited were it not for this cycle trip. Another lady I saw praying today.



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