Starting to feel fitter and dread hills less

Today I felt physically fitter than I have done all trip. Now before we get carried away let’s remember we are talking about a 101kg pot bellied dancing bear and not a contender for Team GB 2016 in Rio. Nevertheless it felt good cycling up all the hills and not dreading it every time I saw a hill looming in the distance. Progress of sorts I guess.

Another beautiful coastal road cycled on in Croatia today and it was good fun cutting through Bosnia for 12km or so (need to read up on why Bosnia have that stretch of the coast given there was very little infrastructure and no obvious port). All going well, tomorrow should be the final day of stage 2, and I should be in Split having completed around 2400km.

Regarding fundraising everybody is being very generous. We are now around £1000 short of the £7500 target for Kids Company which is fantastic. On Blue Engine it’s more difficult to know how much we have raised but I suspect considerably less. Throughout stage 3 and once we have met the Kids Company target I would really appreciate it if people (in US, UK and elsewhere) would consider donating directly to Blue Engine through their website. They are a fantastic organisation doing some great work.

Thanks again for everybody’s amazing support. Here is a photo of a typical view along the Dalmatian coast. Quite something.



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