What’s your favourite film Jen?

Jennifer and Roger were spending the day together on the beach. They were both pulling a sicky from work as they had gone out for dinner together the night before and had unexpectedly got absolutely hammered. You see Roger had fancied Jennifer for a few months now and had been trying persistently to take her out. Jennifer was less keen but eventually relented.

‘What’s your favourite film Jen?’ asked Roger.

‘Expendables numb nuts’ replied Jen immediately. ‘Just messing, you know what, I still love the Karate Kid. I had a huge crush on Ralph Macchio when I was young. In fact I took up karate for 12 years because of that movie’.

‘What? You…karate. Are you still drunk from last night?’ responded Roger supportively.

‘Don’t take the mickey! I could drop you in a second, so be careful what you say’ warned Jennifer slightly irked.

But Roger wasn’t listening or reading the signs. ‘No offence Jen but you couldn’t do anything of the sort’.

At that Jennifer stood up and challenged Roger to a fight, three rounds. Reluctantly Roger agreed and stood up. As Jennifer bowed Roger thought to himself ‘You don’t stand a chance’.

At work the next day the boss came up to Jennifer and asked if she knew where Roger was? ‘I think he must still be sick boss’ she answered.



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