The new kebab is ice cream, had 2 today

So farewell Croatia and thanks for some tremendous views, great cycling roads and a glimpse into two beautiful cities Dubrovnik and Split. Especially thanks to Jane Foster (a friend of a friend) for agreeing to look after a complete stranger and doing it so well. The sailing trip really was a highlight.

Amazingly stage 2 is now complete so I thought a few stats would be in order:

– Approx 2400km cycled (honestly)
– Approx 10.6km walked (nearly all in Turkey)
– 4 spokes broken (bring on the pink tape)
– 0 accidents (phew)
– 231 posts on blog site (my apologies)
– 18735 views of blog (mainly mum)
– Max speed 64km per hour (it wasn’t uphill)
– Min speed 3.7km per hour (it was uphill and on seeing this speed I walked)
– 7 countries cycled in
– 38 kebabs consumed (conservative estimate)
– £6579 raised for Kids Company (awesome stuff and once we get to £7500 I’ll donate another £2500 to a Kurdish children’s charity)
– Possibly about $500 raised for Blue Engine (guestimate, we’re gonna raise more for them )
– 2.4metres of pink masking tape used (it looks so nice)
– 36 dance videos posted (harder than cycling)
– 8kg of body weight dropped (boom)

And after all that hullabaloo I find myself in Italy. Unfortunately the cafe lady has been right about the weather so far, but at least it hasn’t rained. That’s all I can hope for over the next week, no rain please. I’m off to Bologna tomorrow and I’m already thinking about crossing the alps at the end of the week. Still need to work out a route on that one.

The new kebab is ice cream by the way, had 2 today.

And I was going to wait until Milan before I started shopping but had 30 minutes to kill in this quiet rural Italian village today. Seriously, the population of this village was no more than fifty.



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