Hills over tunnels from now on

I think it’s fair to say I won’t be making the most of Bologna tonight. I’m on the outskirts of the city in an exorbitantly priced hotel thinking ‘I don’t even know what the festival is that has filled every hotel in the city’. Tried about 9 different hotels in the centre of Bologna and only two of them offered me a room but given I could have bought a Ferrari for the price they were charging, I declined.

Route SS9 or as it is more romantically known ‘Via Emilia’ was a really enjoyable ride today taking me through many beautiful towns. I’m hoping for more of the same tomorrow.

The only dodgy part was in Cesena when I must have missed a sign and rode through a 2km tunnel. The noise inside was deafening and it has focused my mind on avoiding tunnels (to the extent that is possible) when crossing the Alps. I never thought I would say this but I will probably be choosing hills over tunnels from now on.

Otherwise I’ve definitely eaten too much today, which is partly why the lift in my hotel could carry either 5 normal sized people or 4 Stuart McCarthy sized people.



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