The Alps are coming

I think you would be hard pushed to find an area in Italy that isn’t both beautiful and interesting. That’s certainly been the case since cycling from Ancona a few days ago (another 110 km today).

Of course while cycling I have to accept that there isn’t time to see everything I near in depth. Somewhat worryingly I actually find this a little too easy to accept. In fact I have to wonder if my curiosity is drying up as I’m perfectly happy just cycling through everything thinking about whatever crops up in mind, which more often than not isn’t much (today for example I spent lengthy periods of time trying to decide what my favourite chocolate bar is). Meanwhile I’m cycling through some incredible cities such as Modena and Parma with their myriads of cathedrals, churches, museums and god knows what else. Still I’m enjoying myself.

Tomorrow night I should be in Milan and afterwards I’ll be heading to Geneva over the Alps. The alps are taking up a lot of thinking space at the moment. I know I’m a lot stronger now than when I started and I’m sure I’ll get over them, it might just take a while that’s all.

Yes my friends it is true. The alps are coming and we have choices to make (please say this sentence in a ‘game of thrones’ type way).

In summary another great day in Italy and the flags are flying high.



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