A day of contrasts

Today started off miserably but finished gloriously. The contrast between cycling 30km in the cold, wet and wind this morning, with the 68km in this evening’s cool watching the sunset was astounding.

Economically foolish (as I had already paid for a night’s rest in Pontenure) but spiritually uplifting my decision to start cycling at 6pm tonight feels like a great one. Now based in Pavia I perhaps have a chance to make it over the St Bernard pass on Tuesday, which if the weather forecast is correct is the only decent day of weather next week. And to cross the Alps I certainly need decent weather. After this morning I am absolutely positive rain and cold in the Alps, 2500m higher than I am now, will either keep me in a hotel room or put me in a taxi to cross the high points. And as I’ve come this far now I don’t want that, I want to cycle (I can’t believe I’m saying that).

Another positive about being in Pavia is that in all likelihood there will be no cycling tomorrow. All the forecasts predict thunderstorms so a possible plan will be to stay in Pavia tomorrow as well but maybe head into Milan by train to have a look round and shop, as this is the real reason for my travels. I need better waterproofs, better gloves, a new iPhone charger (left in Pontenure what with the rush and all, don’t say anything mum) and some fancy Milanese shoelaces for my mate Tim.

Great day for sponsorship today so expect me to post more videos in the rain going forward. Thanks so much, we are nearing the target of £7500.

Cycling this evening I took some beautiful photos. Crossing the river Po was fun, as when the traffic disappeared I tried to take a photo of the bridge to highlight the symmetry. It would have worked but I couldn’t quite centre the shot while cycling.



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