Tough day but worth it

Delighted to have made it in Aosta after my longest day cycling yet, 190km. It should have been 197km but at around 5pm the road before Chatillon was blocked following a rockfall so after discussion with the police I had to cycle 12km back to Verres and get a train to Nus, then continue the ride. At the time it was a little irritating because everything was going well, but now I’m in Aosta it doesn’t seem like such a big deal.

Tomorrow will easily be the toughest day of the journey. I’ve no idea whether I’ll be strong enough to climb the Grand St Bernard and on top of that if the weather looks like turning then I will be heading back down and hitching a lift through the tunnels. Here’s a look at the route as seen when it was stage 16 of the 2000 Tour de France.

All feels a bit serious tonight, I definitely need to rehydrate a little so I’m going to get lots of sleep and just give it my best tomorrow. Needless to say I’ll be delighted if I make it over.



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