Video: Bugger, the pass is closed

Little tip for anybody looking to cycle across the Grand St Bernard pass at the moment, it’s closed and will remain so until 5th June 2013 on account of the trivial matter of 10m of snow.

All that planning (10 minutes or so) on Google Maps for nothing.

Anyway it’s 12:30pm, I’ve been up to 1750m, the tunnel is at 1850m and there will be no glory shot at 2550m at the top. I am now back down in Etroubles about to have lunch. Here I will just wait for Eduardo to finish work and kindly drive me through the tunnels to Bourg St Pierre. From there I will cycle 35km or so down to Martigny.

I feel really disappointed I didn’t get to cycle over the Grand St Bernard Pass, not least because I actually felt I could do it. This disappointment will pass though as I reflect on the fact that 6 weeks ago I couldn’t even go uphill without walking and today I didn’t have to walk at all.

Ideally I wanted to get a photo of the tunnel but I was cycling on the E27 which I now know is forbidden. The higher I got the more drivers would keep indicating that I shouldn’t be there. But I was so intent on hitting 2000m or getting to the tunnel that I just ignored them. And then I told myself to stop being stupid, accept its not happening today and head to back to Etroubles where you have a guaranteed lift. So here I am, halfway through my tartiflette, about to move on to pizza, in Etroubles, a town that is famous for its permanent open air art exhibits.

It wasn’t the toughest day yet largely because I’m a lot fitter and I didn’t have to get to the top. The first day remains the toughest going up that bloody hill in Turkey.

near Martigny, Valais


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