Maria and Stefano go climbing

On 26th May 2013 Stefano and Maria went climbing together near Donnas in Italy. In years to come they would both agree that this was the day things changed, that this was the day things got serious.

Prior to their climbing expedition their engagements had involved only parties, dinners and a trip to the cinema to see Hangover 3. Neither Stefano or Maria were in love or indeed felt anything particularly significant toward each other. But it was fun, they both had similar interests such as climbing, and frankly what else was there to do?

Then as Stefano pointed to the route they should both take up the rock face, Maria saw something she hadn’t seen before, she couldn’t quite put her finger on what it was but she suspected she would soon feel very differently about Stefano.

They made it to the top safely but only because they had decided to trust each other. As Maria reached the top Stefano kissed her gently knowing this was not a girl he would let go of ever.



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