Some people are just awesome


For a while today I felt disappointed that I hadn’t managed to cycle over the Grand St Bernard pass.

However on reflection things could have been much more tricky were it not for the kindness of a man called Eduardo. Without thinking, and quite unexpectedly, he offered to drive me through both tunnels once he’d finished work. This was perfect as it allowed me time to cycle as high as possible (salvaging whatever credibility I could given the pass was closed) before heading back down to catch that lift.

Importantly it also meant I didn’t have to hitch. I say this because I don’t think I’d be very good at it. I mean even I wouldn’t pick me up, would you?

Anyway if anybody ever finds themselves in Etroubles (and I recommend you do) then please stay at the Beau Sejour or perhaps just eat there. And if by chance you meet a snow board and mountain bike loving waiter from St Oyen called Eduardo, tip him, buy him a drink and tell him Stuart says thanks.

Eduardo, you’re the man.




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