Monkey Boy is coming

Well I just can’t believe I’m in France and over the Juras.

800km or so left and as far as I’m aware there are no particularly big hills between here and Paris which is great. However it is forecast to rain for the whole of tomorrow but I’m hoping there will be a few dry hours in the morning to get started in, if so that should help me get close to meeting my little brother, Iain aka Monkey Boy.

Actually as Monkey Boy is coming out for two days to cycle into Paris it will give me, his older brother and life mentor, an opportunity to reinforce and perhaps instil some valuable life lessons for him to take home to his family after the weekend. I think this is the real reason he is actually coming out to tell you the truth. I can hear him now as I’m focussing on my cycling ascent…..’Dancing Bear, Dancing Bear tell me how to make love properly………Dancing Bear, Dancing Bear, tell me how to appear butch but caring like you do……Dancing Bear, Dancing Bear, will people take me more seriously at work if I wear bigger heels and speak with a lower voice?’

‘Don’t worry Monkey Boy’ I’ll tell him, ‘everything’s going to be alright’.

Yesterday was awesome staying with the Tipples. Thanks for welcoming me into your lovely home and sheltering me from the rain Suzie. James, thanks for so freely replacing my mislaid cycle helmet with your own better one. Caspar thanks for teaching me about Pokemon. Evie, thanks for teaching me about Pompeii and Videostar (which I love) and Coco thanks for showing me how to eat at the dining table with flair and panache.

The edge of the Jura before it falls away to Lons le Saunier.



3 thoughts on “Monkey Boy is coming

  1. Dancing bear, dancing bear!!! How do I repell female company without trying??? Ha ha only joking!! Good effort stu, £50 enroute, keep up the good effort brother

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